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Welcome to video tutorials, a place which main purpose is to help people who are interested in graphic design, photography, Macromedia Flash animation... Here can be found many tutorials on these subjects showing you how, in easy way, you can create what you want and have a really nice results. There are new tutorials added every day! Hope we are useful to at least some of you because that is our main goal! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Saturday, March 31, 2007

--3ds Max-- Ultimate Tutorial

This tutorial will show you many tutorials all in one like: animating a biped, rendering, and lighting

--3Ds Max-- Modeling a car in 3ds max

Learn to model a professional car in this lesson

--3Ds Max-- Vertex Welding

This is tutorial for vertex welding with edit mesh. Its an oldie but a goodie

--Photoshop-- Smooth Skin (Median)

This tutorial wiil show you hoe to make skin look smooth on any picture

--Photoshop-- Colorize B&W Picture

You can see how to colorize a b&w picture in to colored. First part, introduction and colorize a body part.

--Photoshop-- Glass Effect

A photoshop tutorial on how to create a glass effect on any shape

Friday, March 30, 2007

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create a Web 2.0-Style Logo

Tutorial how to create a Web 2.0-Style logo using Adobe Photoshop

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Learning 3D studio MAX -modelling an alien foot

video tutorial that will learn you how to use 3D studio MAX to create 3D animation

--Maya-- Mysique (X-Men) - Sampler Deformer

Tutorial on how Stroika's sampler deformer was used to create the Mystique transformation effect in the X-Men movie series

--Maya-- How to model using some non-linear deformers

This is a short tutorial on how to tweak out simple geometry into really cool forms using a non-linear deformer. It sounds complex...but it really is just a tab inside of Maya and you pull some sliders around and experiment. It will make modeling some shapes 100% easier for anyone

Maya 3D animation tutorial

Maya 3D animation software tutorial on rigging a piston using constraints