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Welcome to video tutorials, a place which main purpose is to help people who are interested in graphic design, photography, Macromedia Flash animation... Here can be found many tutorials on these subjects showing you how, in easy way, you can create what you want and have a really nice results. There are new tutorials added every day! Hope we are useful to at least some of you because that is our main goal! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Saturday, May 5, 2007

--Photoshop-- Create Water Drops

Tutorial on creating water drops in adobe photoshop in a few easy steps.

1. Open your image on which you want to create water drops (mine was a picture of leaf).

2. Create new layer, select Elliptical Marquee tool and create ellipse like this:

3. Now select Gradient Tool (make sure that background/foreground color is black/white) and cerate gradient as it little red arrow shows:

4. Deselect and now set the blending mode from normal to overlay:

and now you should have something like this:

5. Now double click on the "water drop" layer to go to set shadows in blending options:

After this you have created a realistic water drop:

Optional you can duplicate "water drop" layer a few times and using Transform Tool you can easy get this:

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

--Photoshop-- Stick Out From Picture

This time you will learn how can you make any object stick out form any image like this:

1. Open your image, duplicate layer (delete first one) and make new layer. You should have this in layer palette:

2. Now select Rectangular Marquee Tool, make selection on "superman layer" and fill it with white like this:

3. Select Rectangular Marquee Tool again, make square on the white area and use Erase Tool to bring back the old photo:

4. Select first selection with rectangular again and press Ctrl+T to transform it. Right click on transform area to select Perspective. Transform selection like this:

5. Use Erase Tool to remove part of border that should not be seen:

6. Now select "Background copy" layer and using erase tool remove all all background of image except that in border (it is easier to zoom image and use erase tool):

7. Create another new layer (for background) and drag it below background layer like this:

8. select "Back" layer and fill it with some color (no matter which one):

9. Now double click on "back" layer to open Blending Options and in Gradient Overlay set this:

It is done! Your final result will be:

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

--Flash-- Quick Stickman Animation

This tutorial will show you how can you animate a stickman in macromedia flash.

--Flash-- Business Site Intro part2


12. Now we have to create title. Insert new layer. On 120th frame create last position of title using text tool and convert it to movie clip:

13. Copy 120th frame of "title layer" and paste it to 46th frame. Move title to where you want to be its first position and set Alpha to 10%:

14. Click somewhere between 46th and 120th frame, create motion tween and also set Ease to +100:

15. Now repeat steps 8-11 to create animated line under the title. After that you should have something like this:

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

16. Now insert new layer for "enter" button. On 120th frame create button and convert it to button:

17. Copy 120th frame of "enter layer" and paste it to 80th frame. On 80th frame set alpha to 0%:

18. Click somewhere between 80th and 120th frame and create motion tween with Ease -100:

19. Insert another layer for actions. On 120th frame insert blank Keyframe and in actionscript (press F9) write: stop();

20. If you want to add some loop music to your intro go back to root, insert new layer for music and add sound on it just like this:

That's it! Your Flash site intro is ready to go!

You can download finished .fla file here:
Flash Intro (fla file)

You can see Flash site intro here:
Flash Site Intro

--Flash-- Business Site Intro


From this tutorial you can learn how to make Flash site intro like this one:

Business Site Intro

(click to see intro)

1. Open new flash document (size depends on your background image), set frame rate to 25 and import your background image (Ctrl+R):

2. Lock the Background layer, insert new layer, import object (in my case "euro") and convert it to movie clip (F8):

3. Then double click on euro to enter in "intro" movie clip and convert euro again to movie clip:

4. Drag 1st frame to 46th, select euro object and set Alpha to 10%:

5. Now select 120th frame and press F6 to copy content of 46th frame to 120th. Move euro to the last position where you want it to be and set Alpha to 85%:

6. Click somewhere between 46th and 120th frame and make Motion Tween:

7. Also set Ease to +100 and Rotation (CW) to 1:

8. Insert new layer and on 120th frame draw a black line and set its Alpha to 75% just like this:

9. Now copy 120th frame of "line layer" and paste it to 16th frame on same layer. Use transform tool to transform line as in picture below and set its alpha to 5%:

10. Click somewhere between 16th and 120th frame and create Shape Tween:

11. Also set Ease to +100:

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

--Photoshop-- Magma Planet

Create realistic magma planet in adobe photoshop.

1. Open up your "space image", make new layer and draw a circle with Ecliptical Marquee Tool (hold Shift):

2. Fill circle with black Edit>Fill and apply difference clouds filter to it (Filter>Render>Difference Clouds). Apply filter twice:

3. Now go Image>Adjustments>Levels and set:

4. Next step will be Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask with these settings:

after which you have this:

5. Now go Filter>Distort>Spherize and set:

which gives this:

6. Now we gonna set proper color. Image>Adjustments>Color Balance and for Shadows, Midtones and Highlights set:




and now you have something like this:

7. Now just use transform (Ctrl+T) and a little bit of Blur Tool for edges od planet and you have your final result: