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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

--Flash-- Business Site Intro


From this tutorial you can learn how to make Flash site intro like this one:

Business Site Intro

(click to see intro)

1. Open new flash document (size depends on your background image), set frame rate to 25 and import your background image (Ctrl+R):

2. Lock the Background layer, insert new layer, import object (in my case "euro") and convert it to movie clip (F8):

3. Then double click on euro to enter in "intro" movie clip and convert euro again to movie clip:

4. Drag 1st frame to 46th, select euro object and set Alpha to 10%:

5. Now select 120th frame and press F6 to copy content of 46th frame to 120th. Move euro to the last position where you want it to be and set Alpha to 85%:

6. Click somewhere between 46th and 120th frame and make Motion Tween:

7. Also set Ease to +100 and Rotation (CW) to 1:

8. Insert new layer and on 120th frame draw a black line and set its Alpha to 75% just like this:

9. Now copy 120th frame of "line layer" and paste it to 16th frame on same layer. Use transform tool to transform line as in picture below and set its alpha to 5%:

10. Click somewhere between 16th and 120th frame and create Shape Tween:

11. Also set Ease to +100:

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