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Friday, April 27, 2007

--Macromedia Flash-- iPod Flash Site part2


13. Now create Shape Tween:

14. Insert new layer for content and on 26th frame (last one) of new layer add content that will appear when someone click on link 1 (in our case "About iPod" link):

15. Insert one more layer that will be used for actions and on first frame enter its name: "l1"

16. Now drag it form 1st to 2nd frame:

17. Select 26th frame (last one) on last layer, insert keyframe and in actionscript write code: stop();

18. Now select all frames on stage from 2nd to 26th and copy frames:

19. Than select 27th frame for all 3 layers and paste frames:

20. Change name "l1" to "l2":

21. Also replace content for l2 (link 2) on last frame in 2nd layer:

22. Repeat steps from 18 to 21 for the other two links.

23. Go back to root, select link 1 (About iPod) and in action script write this code:

on (release){

24. Do the same thing for other 3 links except "l1" for link 2 will be "l2":

on (release){

For link 3 it will be "l3"... (you got the point)

Thats it! Flash site is finished!

You can see finished flash site by clicking on link below:

iPod Flash Site

You can download finished .fla file here:

Download .fla file

If you have any questions about this tutorial contact me: chilefirst@gmail.com