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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

--Photoshop-- Vampirize Gwen Stefani

This Adobe Photoshop tutorial shows how can you, in a few steps, make a perfect "vampire look" of anyone's picture, in this case Gwen Stefani's.



Lets start...

1. Start Photoshop, open your image, duplicate layer, zoom in, select pen tool and make selection on tooth like this:

2. Now press Ctrl+T and transform selection like this:

3. Do the same thing for the other eyetooth:

After deselecting you should have something like this:

4. Now select Sponge Tool, set Mode to Desaturate and Flow to 75%
and start brushing everything except eyes and small area around eyes. You should have something like this:

5. Now select Burn Tool and set Range to shadows and Exposure to 10%
and start brushing eyes (and small area around them), lips (complete mouth) but don't touch cheeks and the rest of skin:

You're done! Enjoy your Photoshop result!