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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

-Photoshop-- Metal Header

This time I'll show you how can you create a nice looking metal header in a few steps:

1.Open new document (mine was 800*600), create new layer, select Rectangular Marquee Tool make a selection and fill it with color #c8c8c8. You should get this:

2.Now double click on layer1

and on Blending Options set parameters as images below show:

and you have this:

3. Make new layer, select Line Tool, make shure you have this settings

create one black line and one white line below black like this:

click on image to see full size

4. Make new layer, select Rounded Rectangle Tool, set radius to 2px and create button:

5. Double click on Button Layer and set parameters:

Now you have this:

6. Duplicate button layer 2 times and use Move Tool to move buttons like this:

7. Now just add some text with Text Tool and you are done!

Final result (click on image for full size):